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Frequently Asked Questions;

Q. What discounts do you offer on a bulk order of dummies?
Retail price is = £3.95
Order 15-99 = £3.00 each
Order 100-199= £2.00 each
Order 200-399 = £1.75 each
Order 400+ = £1.60 each PLUS 1 FREE Magnet for EACH Dummy
These discounts are all AUTOMATIC just add the products to the cart.

Q. Will me order be dispatched immediately?
A. Providing we have stock, then parcels are dispatched the following day. If we have not got sufficient stock, then we will send a partial order of anything we do have on stock, an order will be placed with the manufacturer, we will then ship the outstanding items at our expense once they arrive.

Q. Can you make me a Baby with Rooted Hair?
A. No, sorry all Precious~Dreams babies come with painted hair, it is too time consuming to root the hair, 40 hours + go into a rooted head, if you would like a rooted baby, please visit me at one of the doll shows as this is the only place I will sell rooted babies.

Q. Do I need a shop to purchase at wholesale prices?
A. No, I have opened my wholesale prices for ALL customers.

Q. Can I resell the items I purchase?
A. Yes, by all means, you will see the RRP Recommended Retail price listed and crossed out, this is the minimum resale value.

Q. Can I purchase for personal use?
A. Yes, by all means, the Reborn industry is becoming more expensive each year, I like to offer kits and a few supplies at a lower cost to help those who are working to a very tight budget.

Q. I only want 4 kits, can I purchase from you please?
A. Sorry no, the minimum order is 15 products, you may order 4 kits and 11 Dummies though.

Q. Where do I purchase 1 Dummy?
A. From our daughter site 

Q. Where can I purchase 1 doll kit?
A. One of the stockists of our kits is